Transform Your Talent: EQ-I 2.0 Certification for HR Visionaries – Webinar

Presented by IPMA-Canada

Transform Your Talent: EQ-I 2.0 Certification for HR Visionaries – Webinar



Join us to dive into the world of emotional intelligence assessments, focusing on EQ-I 2.0 framework and its dynamic toolkit. This webinar is tailored to equip businesses with insights and tools to elevate their talent strategy through EQ-I 2.0 certification.

During this 45-minute virtual session, we will:

  • Explore EQ-I 2.0’s strategic potential in recruitment and talent management to identify and nurture candidates with exceptional emotional intelligence.
  • Understand EQ-I 2.0’s components that helps make informed decisions based on core EQ competencies.
  • Deep dive into the multiple reports available with the EQ-I 2.0’s assessment, that drive a data-enhance recruitment strategy.
  • Unlock how to become EQ-I 2.0 certified and leverage emotional intelligence insights for effective talent management.

This webinar caters to HR professionals and strategists poised to propel their organizations with emotional intelligence assessments. Secure your spot to elevate your recruitment game and seize the competitive advantage with EQ-I 2.0.

Founded in Toronto by two business leaders and long-time colleagues, LeedHR is a leadership development firm focused on emotional intelligence. Our founders are linked by their belief that emotional intelligence skills are, more than ever, essential to empowering leaders to successfully lead teams and organizations in today’s business environment.

Our mission is to help leaders lead with better human skills. Our services (assessments, training, and coaching) are designed to help leaders of all levels learn about emotional intelligence and provide practical tools to its day-to-day application. For more information about LeedHR, please visit

OUR PRESENTER: Charles Fortier

The expression “leading from the front” is a great way to introduce Charles. With more than two decades of leadership experience in Human Capital industry, he’s had the privilege of witnessing firsthand how emotional intelligence can boost leadership influence and drive organizational results. The senior roles he held in both corporate and startup environments have enabled him to apply and utilize, in real life settings, the emotional intelligence skills he teaches today at LeedHR.

Charles has earned three certifications related to emotional intelligence, including the EQ-I 2.0 and EQ360, equipping him with the ability to assess, teach, and guide leaders and organizations in developing their emotional intelligence. He is also a certified Master Trainer. On a personal note, Charles is a passionate runner and fitness enthusiast. You’ll often find him pounding the pavement in Toronto, preparing for a race. Additionally, he’s a die-hard Toronto Raptors fan.


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