So Now You Are a Leader

Presented by IPMA-Canada

So Now You Are a Leader



The complexities of the workplace, the need to build strong and lasting relationships with clients inside and outside the organization, and the expectation to perform as managers/leaders can be overbearing on new and seasoned managers. IPMA-Canada is pleased to offer a two- day interactive workshop that will assist managers find their way through these mine fields to become a strong collaborator, advocate, and supporter of needed change.

This workshop will cover diversity, generational gaps, employee relations, relationship building and change / transition issues that challenge management / leadership everyday as they are working to meet the organizational objectives. It is filled with experiential learning and the appropriate level of theory to help you be successful as a leader.

These 12 hours of learning are designed to ensure that participants are actively engaged in learning. Participants will take away effective, practical, and tested tools to assist their day-to-day work.

Module 1 – Expert: Has a demonstrated knowledge of your profession, policies, and best practices. The expertise you bring to your job.

Module 2 – Leader: Motivating employees through a positive organizational culture while balancing concerns for the well-being of the overall workforce with the organizational requirements and business goals.

Module 3 – Business Partner: Shares accountability, and works proactively with employees at all levels of the organization to achieve success. Seeing where you fit, how you contribute and the importance of partnerships to achieve organizational goals.

Module 4 – Change Agent: Leads change, both within your department/division, helping employees action change and support transition.

Completion of this workshop earns participants 5 points towards IPMA-CP and IPMA-ACP recertification.

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