Developing Leaders in Human Resource Management

Presented by IPMA-Canada

Developing Leaders in Human Resource Management



The nature of work is changing with increasing globalization of the workforce, changes to demographics and generations, advances in technology, and the increasing pace of change. HR professionals at every level need to be strategic and influential like never before. To respond to this clear need IPMA-Canada has developed a three-day interactive program focusing on three core roles that HR Professionals must display in today’s dynamic workplace. Through simulations and participative exercises this workshop challenges participants to stretch their thinking and develop new skills and competencies to help them be successful. Participants will leave the training with a post-program action plan to continue their success in human resource leadership.

Module 1: Leadership

No matter what your role in HR, from HR Advisor to VP, HR professionals need to operate as true thought leaders in a number of areas from diversity to ethics, to employee engagement and workforce management to name but a few. They are expected to take on a leadership role in their area of expertise as well as guide the organization, look at how HR can guide business strategy, interpret business financials and key metrics, and challenge decision making and ethics.

Module 2: Business Partner

Historically HR has been seen as a transactional support function driving administrative actions such as recruitment and payroll. Today, the expectations and needs are changing and HR must be integrated into the business, guiding and advising at every level, managing relationships, balancing agendas, and communicating effectively with a range of stakeholders. Using current research, expert facilitator experiences and interactive exercises in this module, we equip participants to build effective partnership relationships including understanding the steps in effective consulting, how to influence others, and build high performance teams.

Module 3: Change Agent

The pace of change is increasing and more than ever before HR is expected to support organizational change and manage the impact on people. In the third and final module we look at both change and transition, applying change management theory in practice, sharing key frameworks for leading change effectively, and tools and techniques for managing reactions to change and minimizing resistance.

Completion of this workshop earns participants 5 points towards IPMA-CP and IPMA-ACP recertification.


IPMA-Canada currently does not have a scheduled date for this workshop. Please check our events page regularly for updates, or contact IPMA-Canada requesting to be notified when this workshop is next scheduled for delivery.

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