Conducting Workplace Investigations

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Conducting Workplace Investigations



AS HR Business Partners or managers/supervisors, we are called upon to conduct and / or lead investigations.

Learn what an investigation entails; the role of the HR professional, the role of supervisors/managers, and the role of senior leaders in the process. This workshop provides a logical four-phase process for conducting investigations as well as checklists within each phase to ensure everything necessary is addressed. This ranges from what is immediately required when a situation occurs or is reported, to planning the investigation, to conducting the investigation, and finally to the completion of the investigation report.

The objectives of the two days are:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the complexity of conducting workplace investigations;
  • Identify the major components included in an investigation; and
  • Be able to manage the critical processes required at each stage of the investigation.

Throughout the two-day workshop there are individual as well as team exercises and activities that will develop and build upon the participants skills and abilities. Participants will leave the workshop with a variety of tools to assist in future investigations.

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