IPMA-Canada Re-Certification



Recertification is an integral component of IPMA-Canada’s International Certification Program given the rapidly evolving human resource (HR) profession. Certified members must demonstrate their commitment to and involvement in their ongoing professional development in order to retain their professional designation. IPMA-Canada has identified several areas of continuing education and leadership activities through which certification may be maintained.

How to Recertify

IPMA-Certified Professional in Training (IPMA-CPIT)

  • Once certified IPMA-CPIT you will be allowed to recertify after three years unless you have achieved the IPMA-CP designation in that time

IPMA-Certified Professional (IPMA-CP)

IPMA-Advanced Certified Professional (IPMA-ACP)

IPMA-Executive (IPMA-EX)

  • Submit a resume every three years to demonstrate you are still in the Executive position.

Of the 50 points required for IPMA-CP and IPMA-ACP recertification:

  • At least 20 points must be achieved in experiential learning to satisfy the recertification requirements
  • At least 30 of the points must be accumulated within some or all of the following areas:

•   Professional Development,

•   Service in a Leadership Capacity

•   Presentations and Professional Development Delivery,

•   Publications,

•   Project Management 

•   Membership, and

•   Mentoring/Student Practicums.

You may begin earning points toward recertification immediately upon receiving your initial designation. Points cannot be carried over for a future recertification.

For detailed information on our International Certification Program please download and view our Certification Brochure.