Category: IPMA-Canada Bold Leaders Group Coaching

Category: IPMA-Canada Bold Leaders Group Coaching

April 2, 2024


Amy Englemark presents: Bold Leaders Group Coaching

In Partnership with IPMA Canada...
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Reach for your highest potential and tap into your power as a leader.
Because guess what?
Your happiness depends on it.

Are you ready to become the powerFULL leader you are meant to be?

Join Us For Bold Leaders Group Coaching

The course runs every 8 weeks
One time payment of $997



Together With Other Leaders From Across Canada You'll Learn:

  • Identify and overcome fears, doubts and small thinking
  • Access coaching and management skills to help you coach your team or employees. Learn how to manage your own emotions while communicating in a caring and clear way about expectations and standards
  • Create realistic expectations for yourself to feel accomplished and achieve bigger wins
  • Create a daily rhythm that makes you feel grounded and settled (I call these anchors)
  • Build confidence and impact in your leadership role
  • Bring balance into your work flow
  • Help your team reach new heights and enjoy their work
  • Access strategies to reset and recharge to combat daily stress
  • Address "all or nothing" mentality so you can get started on dream ideas without exhausting yourself or missing out on family time or exercise
  • Effective boundary setting techniques to help you say yes to what helps and energizes you and no to what hurts and depletes you
  • Communication strategies to have uncomfortable conversations
  • And more...this is just the tip of the iceberg.

How the Program Works

You will pick one specific goal to focus on achieving by the end of the 8 weeks (or however many rounds you choose to take). Your goal could be personal or professional. Your goal might even be to figure out what would make your personal life more fun or to motivate yourself to do the thing you know needs to be done to see change in your health or in your team. Your goal is personal and important to you. Everyone's goals will be different.

6 live group coaching calls
Strengthen your belief in yourself, push aside your excuses and take the action that will make the biggest difference - personally and professionally

Community Connection
Between Calls using our Whatsapp Group Thread

Private Coaching (optional)
Work with Amy in a confidential 1-1 setting on deeper topics where you want to see faster progress