IPMA – Certified Professional (IPMA-CP)

IPMA-Certified Professional

IPMA-CP recognizes individuals who are mid-level human resource (HR) professionals and would like to strengthen their understanding in HR as a Business Partner, Change Agent and Leader.

The certification requirements for an IPMA-CP include:

  • Completion of post-secondary education in an acceptable program and HR experience that when combined equals a minimum of four years. The combination must include at least one year from each of education and experience ; OR
  • If no post-secondary education in an acceptable program, a minimum of eight years’ HR experience is required; AND
  • Completion of IPMA-Canada, “Developing Leaders in Human Resource Management Workshop;” AND
  • Successful completion of the Certification Exam.

HR Experience for the IPMA-CP designation must be demonstrated in at least one of the Technical Proficiency Areas.

To Apply:

Complete the IPMA-CP Application Form and submit it to ipmacanada@ipma-aigp.com

Once certified, you will be required to recertify every three years. See information on the requirements for Recertification.

For detailed information on our International Certification Program please download and view our Certification Brochure.

Note: IPMA-CP candidates have the ability to advance to the IPMA-Advanced Certified Professional (IPMA-ACP) designation upon completion of the required education and/or experience as identified on the IPMA-ACP certification page.

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