Professional Competency

Professional Competency

What is a Professional Competency Area?

Professional Competencies are key areas of human resources (HR), identified by IMPA-Canada that outline the fundamental knowledge and skills required in order to achieve the desired designation.

An individual must demonstrate their knowledge, and experience, along with examples, in order to qualify for the stated professional competency.

The core professional competencies outlined by IPMA-Canada include:

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Employee and Labour Relations
  • Organizational Effectiveness and Employee Learning
  • Classification
  • Compensation
  • Employee Benefits
  • Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Cultural Awareness
  • HR Policy, Planning, Research, and Analysis
  • Health , Wellness, and Safety
  • Leadership
  • Change Management

For detailed information on each professional competency please download and view our Certification Brochure.

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