Get Certified

IPMA-Canada has developed, in partnership with IPMA-HR, the first comprehensive international human resource (HR) certification program in Canada.

The IPMA-Canada HR certification program is designed to enhance our members’ HR knowledge, develop their leadership and team-building skills, afford them the necessary skills to become effective business partners, and to expand their capacity as change agents.

Certification provides the following benefits:

  • Professional recognition necessary to advance one's career
  • Accredited recognition across Canada and internationally
  • Enhanced credibility as a Human Resource Professional
  • Recognition of your personal professional development
  • Entitlement to use the professional designation
  • Ease of transportability across Canada and the United States, including no fees to transfer.

The IPMA-Canada HR certification program consists of five (5) international designations:

•   IPMA-Certified Professional in Training

•   IPMA-Certified Professional

•   IPMA-Advanced Certified Professional

•   IPMA-Executive

•   IPMA-Certified Emeritus

For detailed information on our Revised Certification Program, please download the Certification brochure.

What certification is right for you?