About IPMA-Canada

Promoting excellence in the practice of HRM.

Our History


IPMA-Canada is a not-for-profit volunteer-based association serving the HR community in Canada since 1906.

The organization began as an association of Civil Service Commissioners and evolved into the Canadian Public Personnel Management Association (CPPMA), and then into IPMA-Canada, an association for HR practitioners in Canada. Until September 2015, there were eight (8) locally-run and nationally affiliated chapters across Canada with members in all provinces and territories.

2014 – 2016 were characterized by significant change within IPMA-Canada.

The organization shifted from a provincial to a regional and then to a national structure. Throughout its history, regardless of structure, the focus of the organization has remained committed to the certification and professional development of Human Resource professionals. IPMA-Canada continues to maintain a partnership with its counterpart in the United States: Public Sector Human Resources Association (PSHRA).

Our Mission


We believe that it is essential that HR be involved in the strategy, development and core operations of an organization. We offer an inclusive and cost-effective solution to the certification and continuing development of Human Resource strategies and solutions by increasing the competence of individual and organizational members so that they can keep abreast of changes in HR, society and workplaces.

We provide national certification that is also recognized by PSHRA in the United States and offer the following programs and services to support the development of our members:

  • webinars and workshops;
  • executive leadership events;
  • online networking and connections with other professionals;
  • partnerships and connections with other HR associations;
  • promotion of HR career opportunities.

Our Members


Our members are HR Professionals that may hold a position ranging from manager, consultant, executive director and/or leader in HR in public, private, and non-profit sectors. Members are also secondary institution students and faculty in the field of HR. HR professionals are our primary customer and valued members.

IPMA-Canada for All

Empowering diversity, celebrating unity

In alignment with our commitment to advancing HR and business professionals across Canada, IPMA-Canada stands as a symbol of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe that our collective strength lies in embracing the broadest possible view of diversity, acknowledging both visible and invisible qualities that define each individual.

Our commitment is to reflect this diversity in every facet of our organization, from governance to membership and certification programs, and throughout our community of volunteers. By doing so, we ensure that every HR professional, regardless of their background, feels respected and included.

We recognize that fostering a culture where differences are valued is not only a moral imperative but also a strategic advantage. When people feel valued, they become more creative, innovative, and ultimately, more successful.

Join us on this journey as we champion diversity, equity, and inclusion, not just in words, but in every action we take. Together, we are building a stronger, more vibrant community that empowers HR professionals to succeed, promote best practices, and fortifies the profession across Canada.

At IPMA-Canada, we see you; we hear you, and together, we're forging a future where diversity is our strength, unity is our foundation, and success knows no bounds.

Our Vision


We are community inspired!

We are inclusive. We collaborate with individuals, organizations, and other associations to share ideas and keep the profession growing and developing. We work with non-profits and other organizations and we donate our time and efforts to support their development and success. We relate our work as professionals to society as a whole and keep abreast of social justice trends and issues.

We are HR innovators!

We share analytics to help individuals and organizations focus on the future trends in organizations and for HR as a profession. We are focused on helping organizations and individuals prepare for uncertainties and continual change. We explore the application of new technologies, platforms and developments in the field of HR.

We are diverse and engaged!

We are responsive, inclusive and actively engaged with our members and the community. We have a strong presence in each province and territory, and a connection with PSHRA in the United States. We are focused on continual improvement, and our organization and certification are widely recognized by HR professionals and organizations. We are active. We host many events and the outcome of our work contributes to HR transformation in Canada. Individual, agency, emeritus and student memberships gain value from and feel connected to IPMA-Canada.

We are connectors and collaborators!

People are connecting and working together through an online community with spin-off local collaboration and networks. Our online platform moves information and connects people quickly. HR experts are involved in the organization and in the delivery of programs and services. We offer connections with post-secondary HR programs in Canada and are partners with senior leaders and HR professionals. Companies reach out to us and we provide and connect them with the right resources.

We are action-oriented!

The executive functions in a very project-focused manner. We model a competency-based approach where executive members lead projects on behalf of the organization in their areas of strength.

Land Acknowledgement

The members of IPMA-Canada acknowledge that we are on shared traditional Lands of the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island.  Long before today, there have always been Indigenous Peoples and they are the original stewards of this Land. We are grateful for the opportunity to live, work and play here.

We offer our thanks and honour all the generations of Peoples before us who have survived and thrived here since time long past. This Land continues to serve as a meeting place and crossroads for Peoples of many Nations.

Our recognition of the contributions and importance of Indigenous Peoples is part of our collective commitment to make Truth and Reconciliation real in our communities and as a foundation of our association as we strive for a harmonious shared future, work to forge real understanding, and to challenge the legacies of colonialism.

Our commitment to recognizing the contributions and significance of Indigenous Peoples is deeply intertwined with our collective dedication to making Truth and Reconciliation a lived reality within our communities. It forms a foundation of our association as we strive for a harmonious shared future, endeavor to foster genuine understanding, and confront the enduring legacies of colonialism.

Calls to Action

Transparent and Inclusive Governance

1. Dive deep into the Associations' by-laws, policies, guidelines, training and certification programs. Identify any signs of systemic or institutional discrimination. Strive for inclusivity, ensuring our Indigenous members feel welcomed and respected.

Dedication to Indigenous Development

2. Offer workshops and events specifically tailored for Indigenous HR professionals. With an emphasis on capacity building, these initiatives pave the way for employment opportunities and provide a pathway to professional certification. The goal is to empower participants with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in their careers.

3. Committed to enhancing Indigenous access to membership and certification. Our approach includes boosting our recruitment efforts, expanding our outreach initiatives, and offering mentorship and career support.

4. Physical and symbolic recognition and representation are an important part of addressing IPMA-Canada’s history and making the association a welcoming space for Indigenous members.

5. Increase Indigenous partnerships and affiliations.

Inclusive Leadership

6. Create an Indigenous Director at Large position and develop a strategy to ensure efficient recruitment, retention and succession of.

Education on the History of Indigenous peoples

7. Provide through partnership educational opportunities to all of our members.

Our Board of Directors


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