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IPMA-Canada - a national voice with global connections.

Providing HR Practitioners with internationally recognized certification, training, and valuable networking opportunities.

What we do

IPMA-Canada Nation Wide

IPMA-Canada provides membership services in all ten (10) provinces and three (3) territories. We offer professional development opportunities, promote IPMA-Canada presence in the human resource profession, and create networking opportunities for members - all contributing to the broader IPMA-Canada mandate.


We Welcome You

IPMA-Canada offers membership options for HR professionals at all levels. Whether you are a student at the start of your career, an active HR professional in need of training & support, retired and interested in staying connected, or an employer offering professional development, partnerships and certification, we welcome you.


International HR Certification Program

The IPMA-Canada comprehensive international certification program is designed to enhance our members’ human resource management knowledge, develop their people skills, and provide the professional recognition necessary to advance in their career.

IPMA-Canada Workshops

Putting ‘Strategic’ in HR


We are often challenged on HR’s services and their contribution to organizational success. Participants will leave the workshop with tools to assist them in being strategic within their organizations.

Ethics in Human Resource Management


As Human Resource Professionals we have a Code of Ethics. Participants will explore the attributes of an ethical human resource management environment, and leave the workshop with practical application processes for ethical human resource management behaviour.

Developing Leaders in Human Resource Management


HR professionals at every level need to be strategic and influential like never before. To respond to this clear need IPMA-Canada has developed a three-day interactive program focusing on three core roles that HR Professionals must display in today’s dynamic workplace.

Conducting Workplace Investigations


Learn what an investigation entails; the role of the HR professional, the role of supervisors/managers, and the role of senior leaders in the process. This workshop provides a logical four-phase process for conducting investigations as well as checklists within each phase to ensure everything necessary is addressed.

So Now You Are a Leader


Register The complexities of the workplace, the need to build strong and lasting relationships with clients inside and outside the organization, and the expectation to perform as managers/leaders can be overbearing on new and seasoned managers. IPMA-Canada is pleased to offer a two- day interactive workshop that will assist managers find their way through these


A Shout Out and Thank You

to all of our IPMA-Canada Partners for providing quality professional development, member benefit, and furthering the HR Profession